Coach’s Recommendation

Coach's Recommendation Form Annual Scholarship Applicants

Coach's Recommendation for YSA Stein Eriksen Endowment "Dare to Dream" Scholarship - for fall applicants only.

  • Name of person you are recommending
  • Name of person completing recommendation
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Today's Date
  • Please give an estimate of annual (Fall - Summer) program and travel costs specific to this athlete. This should include winter and summer fees and team competiton fees. This does not include any post season, qualifing competitions or invitational camps.
  • Why are you recommeding this athlete for a YSA Stein Eriksen Endowment Scholarship?
  • Please give a brief description of this athlete's training and competition level.
  • What is the applicant’s commitment toward his/her sport? Please give examples.
  • What are applicant’s goals for this upcoming season?
  • From your perspective, how will a scholarship help applicant attain their goals?
  • What kind of impact does applicant have on your team; from a competitive, leadership, and volunteer perspective?
  • Based on your knowledge, please rank the applicant's finacial need for scholarship.
  • Based on your knowlege, please rank applicant's commitment to their sport and team.
  • Please rank applicant's participation level to their sport based on what they signed up for. Example: High: applicant signed up for 3 days, never misses a practice, and attends any additional offerings. Low: applicant signed up for 5 days and only comes to 2 days on average.
  • Please tell us anything you feel important for the Scholarship Committee to know during the scholarship review process.
  • Thank you for your time and dedication to the youth in our community.

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